My Home Town

Bintan Island

My name is kemal adam. In this opportunity I would like to tell you about the story of my home town. It is Bintan Island. It is located in Riau Archipelago province, about 1 hour and 25 minutes from Jakarta by airplane.

Bintan Island is one of the main islands in Riau Archipelago province. There are many islands in Riau Archipelago province like group of Natuna Island, Dabo Island, Batam Island, etc. Bintan Island has been the capital of Riau province when Riau and Riau Archipelago province were under one government, until the center of government moved to Pekanbaru. Bintan Island has many historical places. One of the historical places is Sri Indri Pura Kingdom. It is located in a small Island, near Bintan Island. One of the kings from this kingdom is King Ali Haji who created Gurindam 12. The might of this kingdom is from Riau mainland to Riau Archipelago and Malaysia. This island also has many beautiful white sandy beach resorts.

There are several towns in Bintan Island; they are Tanjungpinang, Bintan Lagoon, Kijang and Tanjung Uban. Tanjungpinang is the capital of Riau Archipelago province. This town has the largest population than another town in Bintan Island. It is an administrative town; a mayor is the leader of this town. This town has three sub districts; they are Center of Tanjungpinang, West Tanjungpinang, and East Tanjungpinang. Tanjungpinang also has many places for relax in the evening, enjoy the sunset on the beach having a cup of coffee or tarik tea. During holiday my friend and I often do the reunion there.

Bintan lagoon or in our mother tongue we call it lagoi is a tourism town. There is many-beach resort in lagoi with the very beautiful beach and the hotels there have the same quality as Bali Island. Many local and international tourists visit this town. Businessmen from other countries like Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Europe invest their money for hotels, other facilities or business there. Bintan Lagoon also has the biggest golf-yard in South East Asia.

Kijang is a mining town in Bintan Island, there are some kinds of mine like bauxite the material of aluminum and gravel stone. Products of this mine are exported to other countries like Singapore and Japan. Kijang has a big harbor where can hold mining ship, small and large transportation ship. The only one airport in Bintan is also in Kijang.

Last is about Tanjung Uban. It is located in the West of Bintan Island. This town is the nearest access with Batam Island, Singapore and Malaysia. This town also has the biggest and the deepest harbor for large ship taking oil, electronics, garment, and other materials. It has some oil source and factories. Tanjung Uban also has beautiful beach like other towns in Bintan. The Name of the beach is “Sakera beach”.

It is very nice to visit Bintan Island, because it has many historical places and beautiful beaches and it is rich of mineral materials. Everyone can come to Bintan Island easily; they can use airplane or ship.

ini semua tulisan gue waktu persentasi tentang ENVIRONMENT Lab. Bahasa Inggris. udah mau lebaran jadi teringat lagi sama kampung halaman.. duuh udah ga sabar lagi nie mau pulang kampung. ntar gue ceritain lagi deh tentang apa aja yang gw kerjain selama pulang kampung “i hope it will be fun”


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