About Me


My name is Kemal Adam, people usually call me Kemal.. but some of them call me Adam. I’m 21 years old. i am a student in ABFI Perbanas Institute Jakarta-Indonesia. I like music, swimming and playing some game in my computer. I learn a lot of things about managerial from my college (ABFI Perbanas Institute) like Financial Management, Marketing Management and Human Resources Management and also Banking Management. I have part time job now in BataviaDanceStudio as Assistant Manager. I feel that “I learn a lot of things about managerial in a real world” when i worked at this place.

i can use microsoft office and other software like Phothop, Sound Forge, etc.

thank’s for visiting my website,, for more information or if you wanna know much about me, just email to: adam_boarha@yahoo.com

thank’s to:

  • thank’s to GOD, for Everything… Everything…
  • thank’s to my parents(papa-mama), brother (imam aji oki) and my family.
  • thank’s to THE GURU adele mailangkay, thank’s ya bu.. atas ilmu-ilmunya.. seneng banget udah masuk kelas ibu. “My Luck” hehehe.. akhirnya saya bisa bikin website juga, dari kecil pengen banget tau caranya. akhirnya berkat ibu adele,hehehe kalo ga saya ga tau de kapan bisanya wekekeke…
  • truss thank’s juga buat temen-temen di tim GOKIL yang udah support gwe buat belajar (masa sieh!!) whahahahaha..
  • terima kasih buat QQ dan Yazid temen2ku Satu Perguruan, semoga kita berhasil menguasai dunia maya (walah-walah)

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